An Angel Fell From The Sky #10/13

They teach kids in a small school

Though there isn’t a lot of scope

They play their parts as best as they can

And fill the village with hope

They’ve been together since three

Studied, played and grew up together

They’ve shared adventures and tales

Lived through all kinds of weather

When all the teaching is done

He drops her home everyday

She talks about her guy all the time

He listens to everything she has to say

She says she will be married to him

Before the end of next year

He manages to hide his sorrow

And show a face of cheer

In her company, he never understands

The journey of a mile

Her words break his heart each time

But he manages to put up a smile

Her happiness is his happiness

Her pain is his pain

He never told her how much he loves her

He wonders if he’ll love again

7 thoughts on “An Angel Fell From The Sky #10/13

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Love the honesty that’s resonating within the peace. Lord knows many gentlemen have been here before. And thank you for the like on my piece as well by the way

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