An Angel Fell From The Sky #5/13

Little Jack, barely eight

Goes to school but has no mate

Never is lonely though always alone

For he has learnt to grow up on his own

The angel questioned little Jack

“Why you’re digging like a maniac?

I’ve been watching you for some time

Are you trying to hide some sort of crime?

All the other kids laugh and play

While you come and dig here everyday”

Little Jack laughed in his feeble voice

And answered for his digging choice

“‘Tis a sad incident

Last year Mom met with an accident

She is all that I have got

She lost her eyes on this very spot

I know they’re buried in this land

So I dig a little with my hand

I dig a little everyday

While Mommy thinks I’m out to play

If she knew what I’m up to

A stern warning she’d issue

She’d say, ‘Stop your digging, Jack

My eyes are gone to never come back’

But I want her to see

How beautiful this world seems to me

So I’ll dig and dig until I find

A pair of eyes to cure my mother’s blind”

The angel smiled and looked up at the sky above

For she had found a new meaning of love

Love is innocent, selfless and care

And the ladder was halfway there

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