An Angel Fell From The Sky #8/13

He used to call me names

Throw paper balls at me

Would drop a toad on my desk

And on some days even three

I would help him in his homework

He never would thank me back

Only thing I got in return

Were the silly jokes that he’d crack

He used to dress so shabbily

To school, he was always late

I even told my mother once

“That’s the boy I hate”

That’s how our story went

Until I broke my foot one day

It was somewhere in February

I had to stay in bed till May

He would come and visit me

Dressed appropriate and fine

And joke that he was first to school

While others reached by nine

He would bring all the notes from school

And occasionally flowers and chocolates

My mother even asked me once

“Isn’t that the boy you hate?”

That’s how our story went

He soon became my mate

It’s hard to believe but

He’s the boy I used to hate

18 years and 2 kids later

He is still the same guy to me

Still cracking those silly jokes

But he better not drop any toad on me

Sometimes I get a dreadful thought

How different our story would be

If I hadn’t hurt my foot that day

That day in February


55 thoughts on “An Angel Fell From The Sky #8/13

  1. Wow, words fail me. I’m impressed. Poetry about fate outside of mythology is something I haven’t realized I needed before.

    Thanks, and excellent work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Charming. It’s true too! So many great relationships of all kinds turn on something as improbable as a fortunate accident. Slip on winter ice and the guy who helps you up might become your best friend.

    Liked by 2 people

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