An Angel Fell From The Sky #11/13

Every smile of hers was a blade

Cutting through each and every vein

The more it hurt, the more I would want

To feel the pain again

Oppurtunities slipped through my fingers

I never could quite express

How beautiful her eyes were

How lovely was her dress

She wrote me a letter once

We must be barely ten

She wanted to be friends with me

She found me cute back then

We became friends, talked a little

But it never really got too far

She forgot all about me and my heart

And left us as we are

How I wish that she could see

How I wish that she would know

I still read that letter everyday

It’s right there under my pillow

37 thoughts on “An Angel Fell From The Sky #11/13

  1. I love this, you inspired me to write one myself…gonna see how much can fit. I just read a poem that made me kind of want to cry. It was about an angel; one that fell out of the sky. An angel loved, an angel lost, an angel held so dear. An angel this man cried for, and remembered over the years. These angels, we all have them. The loves we don’t forget. Some friends, some more, some here, some gone, some family, some we never met. Maybe I’m somebody’s angel. I was told that, once. I hope that person’s doing fine with or without his ‘us’. We live, we learn. We laugh, we cry. We live each day we have. Make each day a full one, friend, for it could be your last.

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          1. Well this is beautiful! 🙂 It reminded me of being young and not knowing who I would end up with. Very nostalgic. You are brave for putting yourself out there. I have one or two in my notebook and I’m way too scared to put it up.

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