An Angel Fell From The Sky #2/13

Mrs. Dawson is a farmer

She ploughs the field all day

Sometimes even in the night

She has a debt to repay

The angel walked up to her

Looked at her for a while

“There is something I’d like to know,”

She spoke so with a smile

“I see you in the fields all day

I see you fry bacon in your pan

I even see a ring on your finger

But I do not see your man”

“My husband,” said Mrs. Dawson

“Is off on a lonely trip

He has found his destination” she said

As she bit her lower lip

“He is in my heart and in my soul

He is in my dreams

He may be gone to never come back

But that’s not how it seems

It was a long time ago

But I clearly remember the day

I never knew a man could be slaughtered

For a debt he can’t repay

They dragged him in this very field

And kicked him in the gut

I saw his blood mix with the soil

I saw him badly hurt

They chopped his head and dropped him dead

In a manner just so cruel

But not before he looked at me

And said – Life is beautiful

I still owe those men a debt

But I owe my man much more

I will repay them one day

But I can’t repay him anymore

Now if you’d excuse me

I have a field to tend to

My work has not even started

And it is nearly two”

The angel blessed and thanked her

Walked away and left her behind

Looked up again at the skies above

With divine thoughts crossing her mind

All sorts of debts you can requite

But love just can’t be repaid

She learnt a lesson of true love

The first few rungs were laid

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