An Angel Fell From The Sky #3/13

Mrs. Jones keeps herself busy all day

But there is a sadness her eyes do show

Sometimes, she just drops everything

And for hours, stares out of the window

Picks up a photo from a shelf

Of her and Mr. Jones

Wipes the dust which isn’t there

And reaffirms her bones

When Mr. Jones left for war

There was a sense of pride in her eyes

He promised her that he would be back

Before her diamond tears dries

It’s been more than 25 years

Since the day that he was gone

All the anniversaries have been missed

But no curtains have been drawn

He always keeps his promises

Never once did he break her heart

His memory always accompanies her

Though they may be a thousand miles apart

And so, Mrs. Jones still believes

He would keep this promise as well

Come back just as he had left

But with a million stories to tell

She only has herself to blame

She really doesn’t know why

She couldn’t stop her eyes from crying

Her tears just refuse to die

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