An Angel Fell From The Sky #1/13

Once upon a time, in a tiny village

An angel fell from the sky

A mortal may have died with rage

But she got up without a sigh

And though the folks stared at her

Like a bug stares at a butterfly

She kept staring into the distance

Into the open, blue sky

There was no golden stairway

No tall ladder to climb

Just the castles in the air

With traces of her crime

How she wished there was a ladder

To climb her way to home

Where her friends are in waiting

Seven fairies and a gnome

Soon, the day turned to dark

The dark turned to dawn

She stood still in the fields

Not a single shoulder to cry on

She could not even cry for help

There were no ears to hear

No hands to tuck her in her bed

The message was very clear

If she wanted to be back home

If she wanted to be back above

She must build the ladder herself

She must build it with love

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