Angel Of Love

When I woke up early this morning

I was given quite a stern warning

By sweet little angels from heaven

Who asked me to stay home till eleven

It was clearly written in my fate

That today I would find my soul mate

My innocent, well-guarded heart

And I will be torn apart

I’ll watch my heart just fly away

As it finds a new home to stay

In the begining, it may feel so swell

But eventually, it won’t end so well

There will be hurt. There will be pain

So the angels smiled and warned again

Just stay home in your bed all day

And let today just fly away

But as stubborn as I really am

I didn’t listen to a word of them

With a clear conscience in my head

I got up from my lazy bed

I got ready and I stepped outside

With a smile few inches wide

I’d rather love and take a fall

Than to never love at all

The angels knew that they had lost

Though it was me who was to pay the cost

The angel of love marked a win

A new love story was about to begin

46 thoughts on “Angel Of Love

  1. You should always love God, the Creator, more than anyone or anything. Because it will hurt very much, when you lose, your reason for existing, if that reason, is temporary. God hoped me to tell you something. I’m dying. Physically. But my soul will live on, eternally.


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