My Love Is Your Sunshine

Your voice delivers me from chaos. Your eyes bring me to peace

My soul’s bleeding for you. So’s my heart and its every little piece

If I ever were to name a hundred million stars

I’d name them all after you as I’ve named my scars

For you’re always in my head and forever in my heart

Makes you seem so close to me though we’re a thousand miles apart

And if today was the day that I would breathe my last

My love would be your sunshine and a tall shadow shall be cast

50 thoughts on “My Love Is Your Sunshine

  1. This is lovely! Hey, its been a while and our site has undergone some improvements and renovation that’s why all of our followers were lost. I hope its okay to invite you and check us out and possible for you to follow us back? thanks much I appreciate it.

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  2. wow ! what an uplifting title !
    she is always in your head …she made a poet out of you…:)
    and I don’t know whether she is reciprocating that love…
    but as long as she is there …there would not be anyone else …may be she was
    that kind of love …the ones they write about in those harlequin books or first sight ones…
    very difficult to find or feel the second time …perhaps…
    have a nice day πŸ™‚

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