Midnight Lullaby

At last, everyone goes to bed

Silence greets my head

I stare outside the lonely window

Moon looks down below

The stars have vanished

My hope’s diminished

All my ache disappears

I leave behind my fears

It begins to rain outside

I smile, free and wide

Maybe someday, I will lose control

And the clouds will drench my soul

I fold my hands and pray

Wishing this never goes away

What a feeling to be born again

And feel so free and small

What a feeling to be all alone

And not feel lonely at all

46 thoughts on “Midnight Lullaby

    1. maybe because you are intense….
      and you are very passionate about your poetry…
      ….but you must let go of your past…
      all of us should
      some wise man Lao Zhi I guess said that peace one can get is only
      by being in the present…

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  1. I love the line “what a feeling to be all alone, and not feel lonely at all”. It’s the best feeling having solitude in yourself, especially after all those years of being afraid to be alone with your own mind! This poem really is uplifting and left such an imprint on me. Thank you

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  2. This is the most uplifting poem of yours I have read. Such deep love for yourself permeates these words. Once felt, never fear losing this feeling. You know your soul on another level now. Nothing but joy for you, my friend.

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