The Mirror Knows My Secrets

The mirror knows my secrets

Far too many now

I never told her anything

She just found out somehow

She pretends to be my friend

Looks right into my eyes

She knows all of my sins

And she even knows my lies

She laughs at my suffering

Loves to see me in pain

I try resisting her but

She keeps coming back again

My heavy head has an idea

“Smash her against the wall

Shatter her to pieces”

The end of it all

But it is not so simple

I really need her with me

My heart has eyes

While the brain cannot see

I guess I would have to live with it

There is no other way

I’ll stare into the mirror

And pass the day away

49 thoughts on “The Mirror Knows My Secrets

  1. I really liked this. My interpretation was that we need to be close to ourselves and honest with ourselves and even question ourselves to get to the core of our identity. That was already on my mind though. What really stood out what the line “my heart has eyes, while the brain cannot see.” I wrote this message to my friend in October, “my heart can see what my eyes cannot.” It’s very meaningful to me.

    I also wanted to mention it made me smile real big when you liked my post 😀
    I wrote one called “Are You Sure” and it isn’t very similar to this but it was almost the same concept, towards the end. Hmm. Not sure about that.

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