I Gave Birth To A Lie

I gave birth to a lie

And it gave birth to many more

I watched it multiply

Till I could stop it no more

It was all fine

Until truth decided to come out

And draw a thin line

Between trust and doubt

The lies were spread

The truth washed them away

Soon, they were all dead

But the scars came to stay

Now, the lies are gone

The truth never picked a side

Scars are reborn

The mother has died

69 thoughts on “I Gave Birth To A Lie

  1. Lying for the first time is easy but every other time, it gets more and more difficult. As for the truth, it is difficult when said for the first time but gets easier with every time.

    Nobody is really a perpetual liar. Time demands for one to make mistakes and learn. Sometimes, learn and unlearn and learn again. Do not hold a lie against a person. Not enough to shake a heart and break a bond which may be very difficult to rebuild even if you want to desperately, one last time.


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  2. Wowwww!!! the words that you use in the poem while balancing both the rhyme as well as the depth of central idea, simply amaze me. Learned a lot of from your poems. Waiting for more like this to read from you. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I love how deep and dark this poem is! It’s very visceral and that’s what I love in poetry and literature is something that really Sparks an emotion, which this has certainly done!

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  4. So true! Once you tell a lie, it’ll just multiply until you decide to tell the truth. It’s amazing how truth always sets us free even if the outcome would mean others might hate you or get angry at you.

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  5. Truth has healing power. It may feel raw right now, like ripping off a band aid, but wounds heal faster when exposed to the air of truth. They only fester when covered with lies. Take care of yourself, my friend. Give yourself grace and love in tough times. Much love.

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              1. Yes when you are the day care, cook, and night nurse exposure + exhaustion makes the statistics of my contracting said illness fairly high. Maybe wine will help? Is that one of the old remedies? Just say yes.

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                    1. But your sadness brought our art. My comments just bring repulsion. Don’t be depressed my friend. You should be proud of welcoming truth and allowing it to wash away the lies, no? That’s bravery. Facing truth is not easy.

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