I Am Not Your Only Friend

If you need help, you can count on me

If you’re in trouble, call out to me

But there is one thing you must understand

I am not your only friend

You’ve got eyes to see and ears to hear

And a brave heart to fight all fears

And hands to write and legs to stand

I am not your only friend

You may have been down. You may have been beaten

And even love may have been forsaken

There is something special that He has planned

I am not your only friend

44 thoughts on “I Am Not Your Only Friend

  1. Awesome! loved this! You really caught my attention with this poem when I opened my inbox and read the title “I am not your only friend”, I couldn’t help but read it. Again, I loved your openness in this poem!

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  2. Very nice, really touching. Anyways thanks for liking my second poem today it means a lot to me. Hope follow me back. Thumbs up from Manila Philippines!

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  3. Right? I hope everyone realizes this even if they have 100 friends. I want to wrap my arms around all the lonely, all the people feeling like there is no one who cares. I couldn’t do it with one so close to me, but I keep trying. I love that you too want to make sure all people know there is more out there for them. You have such a gold heart and will be rewarded for all the love you send out into the world.

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