I Am Awake Now

I am awake now

Hoping to hear your voice to ease my troubled mind and set the wars in my head to peace

I lay down

Close my eyes and believe that I may never be the same as I miss you and your every little piece

I don’t understand

If the stars have planned

To get us together somehow

I am awake now

I am awake now

Are you awake in your bed and thinking as I am and wishing that there would be a light to show us the way

To smoother grounds?

Time cheats us every moment as I pray and hope and sing and watch the night turn into day

Leave the old track

And never look back

Forget everything somehow

I am awake now

I am awake now

And my heart would never let my soul sleep again with your face in the depths of my mind

Or even allow

The shadow of darkness to linger in my head with the traces of my steps washed and left behind

All your fears

Shall forever disappear

If you believe in my vow

I am awake now

36 thoughts on “I Am Awake Now

  1. Good work here. Exquisite . . . thank you for taking the time to visit http://www.rivenrod.com. Much appreciated.

    I am fascinated by the marvels our tiny planets offers, as well as the glorious and outrageous antics its inhabitants get up to, so you can be sure I’ll catch up with what you’re doing as often as I can.

    I look forward to our next encounter.


    Psssst. My latest novel, Swell, click here for reviews http://wp.me/PXk9K-259

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  2. “Close my eyes and believe that I may never be the same as I miss you and your every little piece”..I feel you stole the words I wanted to write earlier straight from my heart and expressed them better than I could figure out to. Another great poem!

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  3. Once awake you can never sleep again. I don’t even try anymore. I know there is no going back to before that awakening. This is a wonderful poem, my friend. One of my favorites of yours.

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