41 thoughts on “Pauper’s God

  1. From personal experience, I can attest that the reality of God’s provision does not always feel reassuring. You can have faith and know God is in control but still FEEL often times deserted and dejected. I relate to this pauper very much

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  2. Do you think the down and out feel God doesn’t have the time? I feel like those I have spoken with have great belief and connection with God. In fact many of them seem happier than the wealthy people I know. A lot happier actually. Money means nothing.

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      1. Yes, I’m asking if you think that’s how the pauper thinks? Those I have spoken with speak of a deep love for God and seem happy due to that bond. Whereas a lot of the well off people I know are so miserable. Does that make sense?

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        1. I agree. A lot of beggars in my country (the Philippines) still have hope brought about by their faith, that God will always provide them with what they need. But that’s not true of all beggars.

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          1. I can promise you that life with love is where happiness is truly. Love for yourself, God, and true love between 2 people. The money matters little if you allow those loves to be your focus. I really believe that. I believe the heart is what makes us happy.

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