My Greatest Friend

Today, I found an old friend

I had forgotten him over the years

It had been such a long time

Couldn’t hold back the tears

We grew up together

Went to the same school

Laughed away our childhood

And danced like fools

We had common interests

And I know that we still do

We write all sorts of rhymes

And he likes football too

He knows my flaws and fears

And I know his very well

There is no better friend than him

Between heaven and hell

I felt bad for I had forgotten

How valuable he was to me

My hunting days are over

A friend is what I like to be

And I promised him that I will remember

To never bid him goodbye

It washes away all my pains

My greatest friend is I

Writing Can Be So Depressing

Writing can be so depressing when you’ve got depressing thoughts in your head

All the words flow out on the page and you relive the memories which makes you sad

You go through the hurt and pain again and yearn for the joy you’ve never had

But it isn’t so bad

Writing can be depressing but you just keep writing until you go mad

A Long Lost Friend

Restless river, sparkling sea

Tell me what I ought to be

Standing upon the silver sand

Searching for a long lost friend

With the waves crashing at my feet

Just one person I’d like to meet

Bring him back to the shore

And everything will be like before

I shall greet him on his way

Without any further delay

And that moment shall forever last

Without any fear of the past

Rising river, soaring sea

Help me bring a change in me

Sighing upon the silver sand

Help me find a long lost friend

I Lie Helplessly In My Bed

The oxygen in my pipes is waning

The veins in my head are overflowing

A rush of blood to my head

I lie helplessly in my bed

My hands reach out for the phone

My skin can feel my bone

It seems my phone is dead

I lie helplessly in my bed

The night passes me by as I think of you

There is very little that I can do

The cold sun seems so dead

I lie helplessly in my bed

The Howling Ghosts Reappear

The lights fade away by night

The howling ghosts reappear

They are searching for me everywhere

But I have always been right here

They want to consume me

I do not mind giving in

There is not more evil in them

Than there is within

And when the feast is delivered

And the beasts are satisfied

I’ll know you could have rescued me

If only I would have cried

I Am Not Your Only Friend

If you need help, you can count on me

If you’re in trouble, call out to me

But there is one thing you must understand

I am not your only friend

You’ve got eyes to see and ears to hear

And a brave heart to fight all fears

And hands to write and legs to stand

I am not your only friend

You may have been down. You may have been beaten

And even love may have been forsaken

There is something special that He has planned

I am not your only friend