Sunday Morning

Lying in my bed

With a thought of you

Got no other thought

Got no work to do

An hour passes by

Doesn’t seem so long to me

I don’t seem to care

How this day’s going to be

Lying in my bed

Having fun wasting time


Is not a crime

53 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

      1. So it is… I have to trust in the divine plan. I know that. Sometimes the suffering that goes into that is hard to sit with. But I have suffered and survived much much greater situations. Many of them, so I know how to carry myself through. Sometimes it just means a day of tears and self loathing and whining. Such a baby…

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        1. Yes. It happens to me too. But then I tell myself that I have my hands. They help me write. I have legs. They get me to places. I have eyes to see the beauty. Ears to hear the divine. It makes me feel rich. Helps me get through

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          1. We are very rich. Just seeing the eyes with love is more than most ever know. It is a wonderful feeling to love everyone. Can hurt when you feel and take their suffering, but that just leaves you feeling even wealthier than before. Then there is finding others who are just as rich in love as you. It doesn’t happen every day, so when I find someone, like you my friend, I will never let that go.

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