In Her Eyes

Walking by my side

Smiling wide

Her heart gifts the kindest replies

Without having tried

I see it all in her eyes

Whispering in my ear

Right here

While time so easily flies

All that I want to hear

Is all spoken by her eyes

And nothing matters more

Like before

Guided by the angels’ cries

I find my shore

And it is all in her eyes

56 thoughts on “In Her Eyes

  1. It’s more than just looking in the eyes actually. It’s when you feel you are there in their eyes living, moving like it’s the most comfortable place there is in the world. And you are content. Great piece frank! πŸ“£


          1. I don’t have much choice. I have never been able to hide my feelings. When I have tried I fail. I have just embraced it and live honest to how I feel. Most people aren’t comfortable with that though. But it’s me. Take it or leave it. You express it in these wonderful pieces. So, you are expressing it, as well.

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              1. Nothing wrong with that. You put your heart on the page. Letting the emotions go is the important part. One day you will be able to speak them. You will find your voice. At least I hope so. You have so much to offer from your heart.

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  2. The eyes always say it all. Who said, “the pathway to the soul?” Brilliant. As is this. Your words always flow so easily and seem to suck the air out of the room and create tides of magic. This is one of my favorites. Maybe it’s that I understand looking into someone’s eyes and finding all I ever need.

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