Writing A Masterpiece

My heart was always a poet

And all the blood in my veins, his ink

In you he found his poetry

As he fills this page in a blink

The words flow out so gently

Their steps are soft and sweet

They hum a joyful melody

And dance to the writer’s beat

The sentences are in order

Descending from love to peace

Satisfied, the heart will rest now

After finishing a masterpiece

76 thoughts on “Writing A Masterpiece

  1. Nice little love poem about the relationship between the poet and his muse. Enjoyed the use of dancing/musical imagery to illustrate the way words flow out of a poet’s mind. 🙂 Thanks for liking my post! Good luck with your writing.

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  2. Amazing how the masterpiece simply fulfills the desire to stop! Once a ‘FUCKIN MASTERPIECE’ is scripted it’s just done. Simply the best ever written, speaks for itself, nothing needs to be added.

    You find that it flows perfectly from thoughts to paper without error. Your superconsious mind has brought forth A perfectly written harmonic MASTERPIECE.

    Greatness, keep writing.

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  3. Reading this overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude, love, and ever so peace with myself. Whenever my life is agitated with life itself, your writing is a shimmer of rain that washes the dirt away from my soul.

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          1. I know. I do love myself. I’m just having a pity party. I have been through a lot in life and sometimes just wish life would be easy for once. But it’s all character building… Thanks to you. Much love.

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          2. You know your comment about loving myself made me realize 3 things. 1. If the path I had my hopes set on is closed, then its loss. I would have only added to the great beauty of that path. Planting more flowers, tending to the weeds and overgrowth, and maintaining its innate grandeur. 2. If that path is not the path of truth and true love, well then better that it is closed. It saves me a lot of time on my way to great love. 3. Finally, that path is so beautiful and unbelievable. It is like nothing I have ever known or seen before. So, if that path is not my path, then I can only think that my end path is going to be amazing. It’s hard to imagine better, but God is great.

            Sometimes all we need is a friend to clear our minds. Thank you so much.

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                    1. You can only pave new ground that is willing to be paved. If the ground does not work with you, it cracks and breaks and there is no road despite all the work you put into the resurfacing. No matter how much you hope and dream and envision that road, if the ground is not amenable and willing, there will be no road.

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