My Daughter Wrote A Poem For Me

My daughter wrote a poem for me

With crayons, red and blue

I did not even read it

Forgot to say, “Thank you”

It tore her heart in pieces

But she didn’t complain at all

She swallowed her sorrow and didn’t

Let a tear fall

There, she lays in her bed

Smiling, but in pain

I don’t know if she’ll ever

Write a poem for me again

57 thoughts on “My Daughter Wrote A Poem For Me

  1. It’s so sad… Have you ever been that child? I mean it really happened to you when you were a child?
    I felt sadness but it’s good for me or other readers to remember that it could be so easy to happen to us if we get too busy. And I hope all who experienced this are healed from within. Thank you for sharing this.

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  2. I think this is a good example of what happens too often
    In so glad it didn’t happen . My so n wrote a poem for me at age 7 And i framed it. πŸ™‚

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  3. 😦 I hope you didn’t do this because this totally tore at my heartstrings.

    Write a poem for her. Read it to her. Then, listen to her poem. Embrace it, love it, let her know it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

    And, if this didn’t happen, great way to evoke emotion from your readers.

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