In My Little Boy’s Arms

My doctor told me that I wouldn’t

Make it through the night

My son told me that I shouldn’t

Give up without a fight

I said, “It is hopeless”, as I

Surrendered to my bed

I asked him to go outside and

Play with his friends instead

He didn’t want to go outside

He wanted to stay with me

He promised to keep me safe

As long as it could be

He shut the door, as it turned dark

Turned off all the lights

“Death couldn’t find you, Dad”, he said

“In the dark of the night”

He also shut the windows

Checked for monsters under the bed

If he ever found one

I’m sure he would slay them dead

He could tell I was worried

By the look upon my face

He began to tell me tales

Of God’s love and His grace

He talked and talked for hours

And finally fell asleep

Right next to me in my bed

Making my heart weep

The tiny fingers on his hand

Are now resting on my chest

I kiss him on his forehead

And wish him all the best

I feel so sorry for my little boy

I ain’t leaving behind much for him

I hope he finds his way around

My end is where he begins

May he grow up to be a fine man

And make his Daddy proud

There won’t be any star with my name

I’ll watch him from the clouds

The night has prepared itself

So quiet and serene

Death is ’round the corner

With her tambourine

Soon I’ll hear the sound of footsteps

And a grave knock on the door

In a moment, everything will change

Nothing will be like before

Though I do owe Death a favour

For all that she has done

Letting me have my last breath here

Away from all but one

And I couldn’t be grateful enough

To Death for keeping me warm

I’ll climb the stairs to heaven

While in my little boy’s arms

103 thoughts on “In My Little Boy’s Arms

  1. You seemed to capture the essence of the emotions of a father,who would be thinking the same, regarding his own mortality. Nicely done!

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  2. Dying in imagination does not prepare anyone for actual death. The poem sounds like a journey that was taken alone until finally a real companion , a heir stands beside you…..Looking back through his eyes…….THAT is redemption. Enjoyed the journey. Thanks for the post.

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  3. beautifully written. What an Irony today I read this poem and today only my grandmother dies in her son’s arms(my mama) while he was giving her a bath. She was 99. She went in the best possible way. “Though I do owe Death a favour/For all that she has done/Letting me have my last breath here/Away from all but one”… Exactly fits the scenario. She had lived a full life. No regrets now that she’s gone….

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