Peggy Has A Sister

How many victims have you claimed?

How many more you will?

Think of all the consequences

Before you make another kill

By gifting a beautiful present

You let them forget about tomorrow

One moment they are over the moon

The next they are filled with sorrow

Even the strong-willed may find it hard

To survive against your tempting hope

You push them from the top of a mountain

And watch them fall down the slope

And if someone ever survives the fall

You clutch them by their neck

Remove the soul from their bodies

And lay them amongst the wreck

26 thoughts on “Peggy Has A Sister

  1. Hello Frank,
    Thank you for stopping by one of my pages. I love this poem it makes you stop and ponder for a moment who, what, where and why about Peggy. But I really like it I have decided that Peggy could be my youngest sister the poem fits her are you sure you haven’t met her before. LOL Thanks a bunch. Kat

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  2. Marvellous! Love the intrigue and open-endedness. Very touching and universal. Do continue writing 🙂
    By the way, “He is There” is a short story with a message that I’ve penned down. Do read it and share your thoughts. It has helped me. It’ll surely help you get through dark times.
    I also share snippets, excerpts and reflections to lighten hearts. Visit LightenedByTheWord. You’re always welcome 🙂

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  3. Frank, this is superexquisite. Please keep it up…
    Do you need words to help you through life, make you at peace with yourself and make you a rare gem? Check out my blog @ to see relatable life experiences you need to be able to understand more about life. The blog is all about how we can impact our world and make it a better place for all.

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