It’s A Lesson, My Friend

In the end, you will find

That I did mind

That I did care

But life ain’t fair

It never goes as planned

And it’s a lesson, my friend

Isn’t it?

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

And I wasted my tears here

And watched everyone disappear

And my heart went too

Only leaving behind memories of you

And they will fade soon

Over the next blue moon

I’ll be waiting

I’ll be waiting

Maybe here, or some other planet

With little to regret

But lot to ponder

A small thought makes me wonder

Wouldn’t things have been better off without me?

Indeed, it would be

Blah, what a thought!

But it’s all I’ve got

And I will take it with me till the end

And it’s a lesson, my friend

Isn’t it?

To think I shared everything with you

All that I have done, all that I will do

My chameleon skin

All the thoughts within

The devil in me, my heart ache

My masks, real and fake

And I end up as a stone

I always end up alone

I always end

And it’s a lesson, my friend

Isn’t it?

It is

Why do I even exist?

I’m blind, deaf and dumb

I wish to be numb

The more I care, the more I get hurt

I have a cold heart but

I have a heart

But I don’t want to start


And again

And dont worry

I ain’t sorry

I never was

Never had any cause

Just let me stay here and weep

I don’t want to sleep

I may not wake up tomorrow

Let me drown my sorrow

For the last time

With this rhyme

Don’t look for any meaning in this. There is none.

But I have found my home

Will you cry

When I fly


It’s a lesson, my friend. Hehe

68 thoughts on “It’s A Lesson, My Friend

  1. Reblogged this on cRAEtion's and commented:
    This poem just made good sense to me today. It’s like you read my mind. You know the saying ( you look like,how I feel) I feel like it was meant for me. Thank you.

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  2. Well Frank, This one I personally can relate to I have walked a mile or two in your shoes as for as the feelings go…I have been there done that and was stupid enough to buy the t-shirt which won’t be happening anytime soon for the experience to repeat itself. I love how you can find your subject put all your words together and make them come out to make all the sense in the world. Thanks for sharing your gift of words with us. I always thought I had a talent to find something and get the words like I want them and then put them down on the paper but I would say sir I have meet my match and You can do it a lot better than I ever could. Thanks again for sharing. Happy 4th of July hope you have a great one and a SAFE one too.

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  3. Love this post!!!!
    Loads to ponder upon, like a dream left alone.
    Cold and unattended, in the end you tried!!!
    You loved, you lost, you cried
    At the thought of what could have been but what was never meant to be.
    Again and again you start again, in the end what does it mean.
    You did your part, you did it right, you walked your step only to depart.
    In the end what did it mean? what was it for?
    Alone again with no one to hold, all ears are deaf to your big heart and in the end what did it mean?
    I feel you there don’t look for meaning in this for there is none. But in the end what did it mean. Lol

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  4. Friend, there is so much pain in you, I can see that its eating you up. Will you not give Jesus one try to fix it up? All its takes is just one time to say from your heart, that Jesus Save me. Don’t worry about your relationship with Him. It can be new or old. Go as your are new a fresh start. Pray until he answers. Do not worry all will be okay. I’ll pray for you okay. Please be in God, and Let him be in you. AMEN Hallelujah God Bless.

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