Long Lost At The Shore

I keep finding myself stranded

She always has her way

She asks me to believe her

I am unwilling to disobey

She is dancing with her words

She never forgets a step

Awed by her performance

Can’t help but clap

I wish I had a grip over my mind

Wouldn’t it have been easier then

If I could act out my thoughts

Like I plan?

She loves to play with my smile

Long lost at the shore

Drowning in her toxic waters

Can’t save myself anymore

She loves to play with my skin

Long lost at the sea

She pretends to love me

Like a tragic mystery

I wish I had a grip over my heart

Wouldn’t it have been easier then

If I could act out my thoughts

Like I plan?

She blames me for all the things

That I may have never done

I am trying to see right through

Mirrors and everyone

Now she’s back in her sphere

And I’m standing on the edge

I swear I’d never call out her name

She never buys my pledge

I wish I had a grip over my mind

Wouldn’t it have been easier to find

That all that I do now

Would eventually end somehow?

48 thoughts on “Long Lost At The Shore

  1. The title of this poem
    Is sometimes how I feel
    Beached, stranded, like a ship
    With a barnacle covered keel.
    The pirates are long gone now
    Their stolen goods are too
    And I am here, quite rudderless
    And without a clue
    No treasure map to guide me
    Nor hands to sail my boat
    A vague idea of north I have,
    But not how to get afloat.
    The ship’s ribs are poking through now,
    And I’ve been here too long,
    Lost and lonely, looking out,
    Wondering what I had done wrong.

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  2. I skimmed over the first two stanzas, barely reading them because I get bored with poetry sometimes – which is ironic because I write it myself…AND…I found the comments and people were amazed, so I went back and read your poem. And I read it again. And I looked at every stanza and kind of freaked out because I thought these words were written by someone I knew, about the insecurities in a new relationship, about when you’re falling and they just aren’t and it hurts…But your name is Frank. Your poem is relevant, and I see why people like it. For the unrequited lover, it expresses their feelings…For the beloved who cares, who just isn’t at that level, who is trying so hard but is still less in love than the lover, it shows them the pain of the encounter, the pain they cause, which they may or may not realize they are causing.
    I’m sure it expresses much more, and I quite possibly could have interpreted wrong, and was definitely projecting my own emotions into it…But there was something. Thank you for writing.

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