Stranded Creatures

What would the rains convey
If they had something to say
To me in the middle of the night
When all is dark and all is quiet?

Will they force themselves away from the clouds
And let themselves flow down and out
Into the lonely hearts of stranded creatures
While transforming them and their features?

Have they whispered something to me
Which may have already been passed?
Should I now go and turn back the clock
Or wait for nature to unlock?

23 thoughts on “Stranded Creatures

  1. Rains don’t force themselves, kid! They’re monumental.
    Rains don’t thrust themselves, they’re sentimental.
    When this fundamental, experimental disclosure
    Meets the deceit of your environmental exposure;
    When restless flows of composure meet newly outrageous foreclosures
    Let go of your judgemental enclosures, run free from bitter-hasty run overs
    Challenge your inner soldier, don’t give into its hostile takeover
    When did we stop thirsting discovery, I secretly wonder – was it all accidental?
    The steps, the search, the journey going over,
    The faults, the lurch, and the abrupt changeover
    The rains flooded drains make ways for the mighty hurricanes
    The chains’ splintered pains had washed out of the grueling strains
    Released from restraints, this new you dances to new refrains.
    Rains don’t force themselves, kid! They’re monumental.
    Rains don’t thrust themselves, they’re transcendental.

    P.S.: I like how your writing always triggers a response out of me :D.

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  2. Good question Frank, and good poetry too. I always look at the subject mostly and your poem put me in deep thoughts. Good question…I’ve always been move forward girl and don’t regret anything, mother nature will take care of it, but lately…I wish I could go back a few years to fix something that went terribly wrong in someone else’s life which affected my life of course. I wish I could go back and find a way to tell someone to stay strong because I loved him.

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