Death Thinks I Fear Her

Death thinks I fear her
She makes for a sorry sight
Won’t be trembling at the sight of her
I am ready for a fight
All the darkness inside her
Will seek to extinguish my light
She ain’t familiar with my stubbornness
My heart’s will or my soul’s might
I will give in to her someday
When Sun is out or Moon is bright
When the stars call out my name
When I know the time is right

33 thoughts on “Death Thinks I Fear Her

  1. I remember listening to Neil Young’s song Old Laughing Lady and suddenly realizing…she is death. And since then the concept has blossomed into this unexpectedly beautiful thing…and that’s weird because of our fear and utter loathing of death. But death happens even in the midst of life and is not the skeletal emptiness our fears limit us by…so good to read something that takes off on her creatively!

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