All the mad people in the world have gathered in one place
Loneliness is next to me while Depression is climbing the stairs
That leads you to two fancy bedrooms, studded with diamonds and jewels
The estate agent sold me, every little thing in pairs

Two red roses blooming in a tiny pot
And another pot of the same identity is what I have got
A couple of paintings hanging on opposite walls
And studied in awe by two artists, dressed up like pretty dolls
And they go by the name of Hunger and Thirst
One looks like another; the other like the first
If it was a mirror or an illusion, I’d shatter it right away
But one window shows me the dark of night; the other light of day
Then there’s Anger and Bitterness staring into the distance
Lost in thoughts of Hatred and lack of social acceptance
And so many more pairs that I had never previously known
And so many more couples with whom I must have grown
But the estate agent, for one little problem, I am planning to sue
There’s just one of me here and there’s none of you

All the mad people in the world have gathered in one place
Wonder if that is why the estate agent was laughing in my face

19 thoughts on “Mary

  1. I once asked a Buddhist monk how Buddhism explains tragedies like Hiroshima. He said that when many people with very bad karma are born in one place, they attract bad events. The idea of all the mad people gathering in one place reminded me. I like your poem.

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