Death. Death, Won’t You Come Here?

Death. Death, won’t you come here?
I am searching for a friend
Meet me halfway if you can
Do not wait till the end


31 thoughts on “Death. Death, Won’t You Come Here?

  1. Your poetry is beautiful don’t give up on it, calling for death. I only wrote this because I have lost a great artist due to his own call to death and would not feel right if I didn’t tell you how talented you are and how much the world would miss without your art. Maybe this piece is not a true cry for death and in that case, carry on. 🙂

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  2. Love all your poetry but this awesome, so much meaning in such few words. If I had to use a single word to describe it…pithy.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I might have to experiment with poetry soon…

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  3. This is so beautiful. I love it. It’s very powerful and heartfelt.

    I would love if you checked out my blog. I write stories and love any critical appreciation on writing style, layout, topics, anything. I would love to become as skilled as you in this art called writing. Thank you 🙂

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  4. Death said
    Don’t call for me,
    with each word you waste your breath
    I’m not a malevolent being,
    from a cause I’m an effect

    You always antagonize me,
    Try to triumph over my will
    Can’t you see that I don’t stalk you,
    I wait… in time, at the end of your life,
    and I stand still

    With each second you’re alive you take a step closer to me,
    Nothing’s set in stone,
    I’ve been forced to pickup early

    Does this scare you?
    Here’s a fact: I don’t always take you when it’s not your time to go.
    Eventually, I’ll pick you up,
    (after what I hope is a long, happy, life)
    gently, like an old friend
    Don’t fight it then, I’m inevitable

    But what you can do,
    with the time you have left
    is to use
    those years, wisely

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