76 thoughts on “If God Lived Amongst Us

  1. Oh, but Frank, God is among us. Mother Teresa spoke of not going to church to see God but seeing the face of Jesus in everyone she met. Simply look around you to see the face of God. Look how at how much your poem inspired people to comment!

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  2. Well, that is, because God did not live among us. Jesus did though, but he’s the son of God not God himself. No person has ever seen God before nor any person ever will:)

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  3. What if? This is an interesting idea to think about. What if the Native Americans have it right, with their beliefs in many gods, and the rest of us have it all wrong? What if we are all barking up the wrong tree?

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  4. Ha…ha…Interesting question.
    Seeing people hanging crosses in their necks and thronging to Churches, the Lord thought He would now be hailed on the earth. So he descended from the heavens and stood under a tree on way back from a Church.
    The believers saw Him, paused and shouted, “Hey masquerader! How did you dare to copy our Lord.” And started pelting stones.
    At last the Priest came. He recognized the Lord but said, “O Lord! Our business is thriving in Your name. So we need you no more. If you stay back, the people will give You severest punishment this time. So better you leave and let us do our business though in Your name.”
    The Lord got the cue and retreated back to His abode.

    The same would be done to Lord Ram Or Lord Krishan. The people are very selfish. How can they tolerate interference of justice loving deities in their nasty business.

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  5. No you are mistaken, god does live among us! He/she is the one who guides you towards righteousness, the one whose face flashes at least once in your mind, when you feel you’re doing something wrong. You might even stop doing that thing, because you hail him/her highly and would not like to displease them. Jesus is not necessarily the god, it may be one of your family members, your love, anyone. That’s the true meaning of god.

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  6. This is so great. I think if everyone knew God (as a human being by their perception), our world would be more in sync. As one. No matter how people perceive God, we all believe in the same values.

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      1. I’ve always believed that all religious books preach the same things with different names. Hate due to religion is pure ignorance – but ignorance is taught/learned.

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          1. Education is key. I go to a Christian based school, and in religion we learn about Christianity, Judaism and Islam. I’ve learned some pretty cool stuff haha.

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  7. He might be one of us in flesh,
    Mistakenly considered of this world
    Not to proclaim death whirled,
    But here to anew the Kingdom’s thresh:
    They say friend from foe and old from fresh.
    And if the voices in your heart enmesh
    Instead of following their natural unfold,
    You should listen closer, dear friend,
    For His New Song is not to go untold!


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  8. As I believe that God did became one of us through Christ, I can rest somewhat easier knowing that He knows how hard and ‘shitty’ life here can be.
    To answer your question: I believe we would crucify him again. Reproach, and moral counsel is not something we take to very well as human beings.
    I crucify him fairly regularly, not with my words but my deeds.
    Thankfully, He understands what a huge, conflicted doofus I am.

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  9. Would it be any different today? Would we see him for who he is-with what we know now-on this side of the cross? As for me, I hope my eyes are opened!

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  10. I don’t think so. We couldn’t even obey his commands even when we claimed He lives in our hearts. The Bible is the testimony of it all. “They honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” ~ Jesus Christ in Matthew 15:8

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  11. God is evolution lost in translation. We, a curious species thought “how and why are we here?” God was the explanation, before we developed the linguistics to describe evolution. Evolution is God, we are God, everything is god. God was never a conscious being of some kind who ‘created us’ God is just a word humans used and carry on using despite the advances in science, to describe nature. God can also be a goal, God is what we strive for, the perfection that can never be atained that we continue to strive for despite this knowledge. We are not created in gods image, God is made in our image. God is the ultimate of what we want/wish to become. People say God will punish those who stray from gods word. What this is, is a description of nature. How actions can have consequences, and sometimes those consequences are dire. Thus some conclude God is punishing them for their ‘straying’ though they’re often far off the mark, it is simply a human being disgusted by something someone does and fearing the very nature of that person and or their actions.

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  12. In my heart God IS us. God is you, God is me, God is the dandelion growing wild, God is the monkey in the tree. Our compassion for all living things changes greatly if we see everyone encompassing God.

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  13. What happened after ‘Hosanna to the son of David’ ?
    ‘Hail king of the Jews’.
    And then what?

    Bravo. And if one cannot see God in the neighbour he created for us, one needs new spectacles.

    PS: May I use our exchange on your posting ‘Walls’ in a future series of reflections?

    Thanks, WT.

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  14. I think not. This reminds me of a song … “What if God were one of us? Just a slob like all of us.” I believe if God were one of us, He wouldn’t be. He would not fit in. He wouldn’t join us for a slab of ribs at the local meat house, although he might welcome us to break bread with Him if we wanted. He wouldn’t be joining us at the human meat house, either — the dance clubs where anything goes, but he would welcome us for a night of discussion over wine. If God were one of us, we would have to change to be able to see that He was truly God, not just one of us. …. Just thinking. Great thought-creation you’ve posted today.

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