Scars With Memories

The lights are falling out every instance
Every wound has an owner in you and me
Dreams are filled with ghosts and growing distance
But sleep is my only remedy

All my painful thoughts are concentrated
Days have slowly turned into years
All this healing is anticipated
My cries are falling on empty ears

I cannot foresee what fate has in store
Silence plays a soulful melody
I’m bleeding words like never before
These scars have left behind a memory

17 thoughts on “Scars With Memories

  1. So I’m going through your past posts, with music in the background -as it should be- and I wonder, do you write with musec in the background…writing as it goes, or is it more structured?
    “welcome to where time stands still, no one leaves, and no one will” -is my wish for you. Hetfield, and the boys, mind you, lay claim

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  2. I really enjoyed this poem. It’s really deep and cerebral. Very nice! And thanks for liking the poems on my blog. It’s an honor to get so many likes so quickly.

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