The Rumour Mill

Pick her from her home
Is she is all alone?
If she screams and shout
Just pull her hair and drag her out
Bring her out so all can see
What a characterless woman she’s turned out to be
Be ready with your sticks
She’s a little over sixty six
Today we’ll teach her a lesson
And we won’t rest till it’s done

The people have gathered here
But nobody will shed a tear
As you are tied to a tree
And pray helplessly to be free
Shave off her head
Let her cry till she gets mad
But only shave it in half
So the kids can have a laugh
Today we’ll teach her a lesson
And we won’t rest till it’s done

A real shame for our village
She’s looking for love at this age
And that too with an immoral man
Whose wife hung herself on a ceiling fan
What a bad influence for our daughters
But we’ll spare her the slaughter
We’ll let her live
We’ll let her grieve
We’ll teach her a lesson until
She stops blaming it all on the rumour mill

7 thoughts on “The Rumour Mill

    1. I read about this in the news. That’s where it all began. I’m not a gore film fan. I’m not much into movies. But I like to write about truth and the complexities of different human lives. That is my source of inspiration.

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