So many years it took to build, I don’t remember
Each one of us needs a shelter to stay in
From the miserable January to the cold December
Where there’s none to judge or nothing to lose or win

These walls don’t let anyone across, not even sunshine
More often than not, it gets quite dark in here
There’s none to share it with except an empty bottle of wine
Which is nothing more than just a metaphor for my hollow fears

The cracks are a representation of my failed efforts
But there’s no one here to rate me with stars
All the worldly knowledge provides me with dark comforts
For light does nothing but open up these scars

Maybe someday these walls will come down
Who knows if it will be heaven or hell?
Till then I’ll wear this thorny crown
Till then I’ll retreat in my shell

7 thoughts on “Shell

  1. I say the opposite, but we each say the same thing. Your third paragraph is really powerful, “…for light does nothing but open these scars.” Wow. “May G-d Be With You -4” is powerful, too. Very nice. Thanks for clicking on mine, too.

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  2. That was really good Frank.
    Here’s my response brother, cause I’ve felt the same:

    Self-imposed affliction
    Must throw away that fiction.

    ‘Cause life is a book
    It’s inked and red
    But locked away
    We can’t be fed.

    Own worst enemy
    Acclaim? Deny!
    Shells are ornate.
    But in cells men die.

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