Dreaming With Open Eyes

After a hard day’s work
I return to my lonely bed
All your thoughts are stuck
Deep inside my head
I lay down gently
For my body aches
I’ll kneel and pray all night
If that’s what it takes

My thoughts carry me
Across the common sky
Amidst the moon and stars
Where your beauty lie
It’s so quiet
I can hear my heart beat
I can hear angels scream
While the demons cheat

But not a moment is lost
In nature’s tale
Against your beauty
Even Gods would fail
It’s getting darker
The birds have ceased to call
The clock keeps ticking
Night’s getting tall

My mind reaches back
To thoughts of you and me
Every sin is forgiven
In your memory
Traces of your face
Begin to appear
It’s the only thing
I hold dear

A hundred million lovers
Are crying out
They’re asking me to meet you
Before time runs out
Somewhere out there
I know you feel the same
I can even hear you
Calling out my name

Can you hear my voice?
And don’t you lie this time
I know you like to play games
But don’t play them tonight
Open up your window
Everything will be just fine
Reach out your hand
And I’ll hold it against mine

Sleep betrays me
Very little I care
It isn’t long before
The morning sun is here
I dream of you
Staring into the sky
I dream of you
And the night passes me by

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