War And Love Too

Losing is a tragedy
Winning is even more so
For I am up against you
And you are unwilling to forego

Let this be a warning
To all, including you
If you’re ready to lose your heart
Be prepared to fight for it too

One must be filthy
Other must misbehave
One will turn out victorius
Other will be a slave

We started out together
Now relatively unknown
All your virtues have left
I stand here on my own

Careful, I must be
For the path is dark and long
I know you are stronger
I just hope I am wrong

Thus, I begin to make a move
It’s never too late to start
Even if I lose you
You’ll always be in my heart


‘Tis of no consequence to fight the battle
When the mighty war beckons overhead
You are a ruthless butcher and I’m an unarmed cattle
It doesn’t take a genius to know who is going to end up dead

One look of yours has the power to destroy
One touch can melt my fragile heart
Yet, in the ruins, I find my joy
Is this the end? Or a new start?

There you are, with beauty and sin
And here I am, with the ground crumbling at my feet
You’ll taste victory only if I let you win
While I’ll taste love with this defeat

A Helping Hand

I lay on the floor, bruised and wounded
Separated from the world, alone and stranded
With a dose of misfortune that Lady Luck had handed
I prayed to God for an oasis before I am buried in the sand
Just when I thought that all hope had ended
She came up to me and offered a helping hand

All my life I’ve lived in gold
But not a penny I can hold
Now that my heart is growing cold
“Don’t come close to me. There’s dirt all over my hand.”
Acting like nothing was ever told
She came up to me and offered a helping hand

Everything comes at a cost
All my young thoughts
Had suddenly been lost
Just when I thought there was nobody on this planet that can help me understand
Untying all my knots
She came up to me and offered a helping hand

I swore under the pouring rain
Not to trust a girl again
For it causes nothing but pain
Just as I thought all the love in my heart was about to end
Amidst the pouring rain
She came up to me and offered a helping hand

Never had such a fall
None that I can recall
Found myself up against a wall
All I needed to go across was a loyal friend
Promising me to give her all
She came up to me and offered a helping hand

How I Wish That Day Was Today

A life full of mistakes. I’m only human, you know
The alarm bells were ringing and they even warned me so
If I get another chance, I’d say all that I have to say
How I wish she was here with me today

A thousand people around me but none can understand
They talk of profits and gains as they rise to shake my hand
All the money in the world can’t make me rich in any way
How I wish she was here with me today

I’m looking for a reason. Or is it just an excuse?
Been trying so hard. I guess it’s of no use
There’s a little hope in my heart that troubles me all day
How I wish she was here with me today

Everyone thinks I’m happy. They couldn’t be more wrong
Fear and hesitation has stayed with me all along
And now they’ve even brought new feelings with them to stay
How I wish she was here with me today

Maybe someday my luck will change and we’ll meet again
Maybe on a pleasant summer day or when it begins to rain
All my darkness and pain would then be washed away
How I wish that day was today

The Fire Within

I’ve begun to miss you, I must admit
Darling, don’t you miss me too?
Everyone seems to be talking about it
But not a word I’ve spoken about you

Sometimes I wish I was dead
Without you, life is incomplete
They don’t know the secrets we shared
Are buried until the next time we meet

Are you enjoying your trip to heaven above?
It caused me a lot of pain
They say we were never really in love
For I will gladly burn you alive again

Drowning The Devil In The Deep Blue Ink – Part 5/5

The night was dark and so were our sins
As we cut and packed them in a case
And plunged it in deep waters
Not a sign of regret on her face
Her cold hand gave me the shivers
But I held on to it tight
Hope was all that was left in my heart
Love had faded away in the night

She assured me everything was going to be alright
With no earnestness in her eyes
What a beautiful face she had!
But her mouth was full of lies
She whispered in my ears that she loved me
And she knew a safe haven where we can stay
The future will be taken care of
Once the past is washed away

She asked me to undress her
As she lay mischievously on the bed
She wanted to get down to business
I, though, had a better idea in my head
I pulled out a rope from neath
You could see she was caught by surprise
All our emotions were about to erupt
Very little was left to disguise

And she laid there bare
Tied to the bed so fast
So meticulously God must have created her
But nothing’s ever built to last
She surrendered herself completely to me
And I had no issue with the deal
Her body was ablaze with passion;
My heart too numb to feel

I had my hands around her neck
And I choked her to death
A strange pleasure it gave me
To see her gasping for breath
The moment was splendid and surreal
I had forgotten all of my pain
Oh, the high I felt at the time
Like the one that never comes back again

I asked her to give me a second chance
I still loved her, I let her know
For a girl with no wits
She has a mountain for an ego
I apologised for my rude behaviour
She, though, isn’t the one to forgive and forget
Not a word she did speak
She must have been quite upset

So I untied her and locked her up in the refrigerator
Before the house began to smell
Just the perfect place for her cold heart
While she made her trip to hell
I asked her if she needed anything
But all my efforts were in vain
It was no use pretending
We would never be on talking terms again

I wanted to be with her night and day
But I had to leave her side
The cops have found the old man’s body
And are reconstructing how he died
With loads of money in my pocket
It wasn’t hard to find a new shelter
I must admit I’ve begun to miss her
It’s been a while since I’ve felt her

They’re printing all sorts of stories in the papers
They’ve even given me a name
All my life I’ve been anonymous
I don’t think I can handle this new found fame
The cops will trace her through the old man
And through her they’ll trace me
They must be on a hot scent right now
I’ve left behind a one too many

But they’re just petty human beings
God has already made his plan
He has built a golden stairway for me
He wants me to go out like a man
Taking your own life isn’t cowardice
It’s the ultimate act of bravery
You can continue with your happy lives
This world just isn’t meant for me

Any minute now, I expect Him to call
And soon I’ll be face to face with Him
They’ll only find a corpse here
With lots of pills but no soul within
They’ll also find this piece of paper
And I wish they’ll print it too
Don’t know why you wanted me hanged
When I’ve done no harm to you

How can you hate me
When you don’t even have a heart?
All the world’s a stage
And I’ve just played my part
I’m not asking for your forgiveness
Nothing can be more degrading
Don’t even dig my grave now
I’ve begun eroding

Painting A Bird

I started painting a bird
With broken wings
To represent my heart
And so many other things
Wanted to show all my emotions
Deep inside
Wanted to show the world
A different side

What colours should I use?
What hues? What shade?
I’m just an amateur
Will I even get paid?
Don’t think she’d like it
She really understands art
It’s not like I made this for her
With all of my heart

The bird was finally complete
Unlike my broken heart
The painting wasn’t splendid
Art is, after all, art
I asked her if she liked it
She said it was splendid
And the bird just flew away
Away it did

I Found Love

I found love
I left it behind. I wanted freedom
I found freedom
I left it behind. I wanted happiness
I found happiness
I left it behind. I wanted bliss
I found bliss
I left it behind. I wanted heaven
I found heaven
I left it behind. I wanted God
I found God. He asked me what I wanted
I asked for love
He pointed in the direction where I came from
I could see a young man in the distance
God said, “He has all the love you need.”
“Can I meet him?”, I asked
“Yes,” replied God. “But you’ve left him far behind.”