The Most Memorable Dance

Will you forgive me?
I know I’ve made a wrong decision
It has cost us a lot
More than we thought
But I’m not a man blessed with precision

Will you forgive me?
I should have never let you go
I’m here all alone
Relatively unknown
Like a joker in a circus show

Will you forgive me?
I should have heard what you said
I lost my heart
We were drifting apart
And now I’m even losing my head

Will you forgive me?
I’m trying my best to be a better man
Better than I was
Better than I am
Trying to give you everything that I can

Will you forgive me?
And give me just one more chance
And hold my hand
Until the end
And I’ll make this the most memorable dance

16 thoughts on “The Most Memorable Dance

  1. Hope you don’t fuckup again after saying sorry so eloquently. Lol… jokes. It was really nice. If I was her I’d give you another chance but fuck you up if you fuckup again. More jokes lol. Keep it up.

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  2. Sometimes, I wish I could just leave a bit of the feeling I have as a comment. not words, not pictures, but the little spark of warmth that brings together the light melancholy in the eyes and the enjoyment of the cheeks into the smile of commiseration.

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  3. very nice. interesting how we both recently posted something similar. check out my last couple posts. dark but i think you’d appreciate it. great entry though. ive been away for a while and its nice to come back to something like this 🙂

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  4. I just read it out loud to a friend….a friend who’s been undoubtedly the most uncertain person…a person who’s always and have been taking love a stride…..I see the agony….in the future… the agony of many “will you forgive me”…..

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