Time, Time, Where Have You Gone?

Time, time, where have you gone?
I’ve been looking for you everywhere
Just when I thought I had you caught
You slipped and ran away
Time, time, where have you gone?
I need you to heal my wounds
Wait for me. Don’t fly away
Have you grown new wings?

You Know What Happened In Office Today?

You know what happened in office today?
As I reached my desk
I looked outside the window
Only to see the clouds burst in flames
A giant fiery bird flew out of the smoke
Landed straight at my window
Gave me a deathly stare
Was abducted soon after by a UFO
After all the drama ended
I sat down to do my work
But a couple of burglars broke in
Beat me up and kidnapped me
None of my colleagues moved a muscle
As they dragged me with them
They checked my wallet and pockets
Found kryptonite on me
Dumped me in a nearby field
I had to walk back home
My boss will be furious tomorrow
I missed the deadline today

My Dog Has A Blog

My dog has a blog

For writing poetries

He’s a much better poet

Than I could ever be

My dog has a blog

More followers than me

Thousands of crazy fans

A mini celebrity

My dog has a blog

Fame and money

He moved out last month

To start a family

My dog has a blog

But a bad memory

Ever since he’s moved out

He’s never called me



Let it thunder for a while

Let it drown the noise inside


Raise myself and wonder

Let it cover the holes inside

When I’m alone I feel at home

The darkness of the day

I long for when it’s gone

Save me

Save me from myself

As I seek to run and hide

Have me

Have me warned again

No more stories for me to hide

With those claws they come at me

I’m standing so confused

In a moment we’ll be clear

As I shake hands with Truth


Hungry foxes and wolves

All I have for company


Traitors of the soul

Betray my friends and family

The bright eyes in the dark

Chill me down to the bone

To consume and exploit my fears

I wish that you were here

Wish you were here

I Drew A Bird And It Came To Life

I drew a bird and it came to life
I got excited and told my wife
She didn’t believe a single word
For there wasn’t any sign of the bird
The window was open. She must have flown away
To cause my heart enormous dismay
So just to prove that I was true
I told her, “I’d draw again for you.”
She stopped my hand and told me, “Wait.”
“Why don’t you draw a piece of chocolate?”