Writing Can Be So Depressing

Writing can be so depressing when you’ve got depressing thoughts in your head

All the words flow out on the page and you relive the memories which makes you sad

You go through the hurt and pain again and yearn for the joy you’ve never had

But it isn’t so bad

Writing can be depressing but you just keep writing until you go mad

89 thoughts on “Writing Can Be So Depressing

  1. Wowzers I agree with this. Sometimes I cry when I am writing about things that hurt. I think it’s because searching for the best way to demonstrate how you feel oftentimes means you are physically reliving it and forcing yourself to experience your emotions again in order to do them justice.

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  3. I love this poem. When I lived in the darkness of night and day I used to write poetry about my depression. But now that I learned I am in control of my thoughts, I have just realised I no longer write Poetry. thanks for sharing.

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  4. I came back tonight and sat down at my computer feeling good. The reason isn’t important. I see that depressing writing i.e. “depression” is a major topic of discussion here. That depression is so common is at once saddening and heartening, heartening in that it is something we all seem to share. Let’s hope that we are not led so deep into darkness that we can’t find a way out. It is, in coming OUT of darkness that we feel the great rush of light. I believe: “Happiness is highly over rated, you know. It is a precious commodity, not had by everyone, and not to be held. Happiness is meant to be searched for and discovered and appreciated, and then it will slip away so you can search for it again.”

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  5. When I write first there is only the feeling, and then the thoughts develop in scattered pieces of words and sentences, and I knit them together through editing, and the thoughts become stronger, the text becomes somehow greater than me, and a comfort and reminder.

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  6. I get this. I wrote obsessively and mostly privately on one topic for about six years. I truly hope that’s not discouraging. But I’m finally feeling more detached. More like writing from the outside instead of from the inside, if that makes any sense. Still sometimes feel nuts. But it was like an alien in my chest that had to get out somehow. I think we must do whatever brings healing and transformation, personally. Maybe the course this takes looks different to different people? I don’t know. Anyway, whatever you do, best wishes to you.

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  7. I have been haunted by my past so much lately, it seems that’s all I am consumed by. I can understand why you would write continuously about your pain. We all need to have an outlet. Keep writing.. keep expressing. One day you’ll feel lighter.

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  8. it’s like brooding and crying over spilled milk sometimes… we need to process what happened to us to be able to put it into words and this requires loads of thinking…. but depressing moments for me are the most productive πŸ™‚ xxx

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  9. That made me laugh, writing is a great way to ease the pain out sometimes it drips sometimes it pours but better out than in! πŸ’”πŸ’–πŸ’—

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  10. Writing can be depressing at times … But still… Writing is Amazing !!! And we get to keep all of our sweet and lovely memories intact…. 😍😘😍

    Well written though… 😘😘😍

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  11. start thinking of the joy you can still have …attract that joy soon you will be writing about that …say goodbye to the things which make you sad…look around you think of that one blessing you have which makes you happy and write about it and writing won’t be depressing …:)have a GREAT DAY !!

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  12. Writing is therapeutic.
    Even when you write mad thoughts , you get to see they are mad , when you read later in lucid moments.
    It imposes insight .
    It helps you verbalize , hence makes you connect with humanity , any link to reality is the first step to sanity , not insanity.

    But it is incomplete with out readers who can sensitively reflect , reaffirm your feelings , thoughts and writing.
    Writing is an act of optimism.

    Even a hopelessness in a poem is palpable enough for many readers who respond.

    Keep writing , it is sane !

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  13. So true. Feelings need a vent and everytime I begin to write there is this insane overflow of emotion. Sometimes it gets hard to get it all out on paper but in the end I think words are the best way to achieve closure. πŸ™‚

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  14. It’s good to get it out of your chest. I find it: it hurts and brought me tears first time talking or writing about it. The second time talking or rewriting it, I tend to leave out some detail. The third time doing it. It was down to a summary and it doesn’t hurt anymore. I wish I had saved all of my first writes. I didn’t think I wanted to see them again, but now I want to know how I felt when I was deep in the tunnel. Even if it’s depressive writing, it’s your precious feeling. It’s part of your journey.

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  15. I don’t know why I write either. All I know is that others’ writing has always been one of my most treasured parts of life, and discovering a beautiful and meaningful piece of writing can and has brought joy into my life. Just as reading your words does. They do make me sad, but in relating to you I feel joy. In admitting to my human experience, and even the experience of reading words that explain something about myself or my experience that I myself could not have explained better…
    There are few things I enjoy more than a good read, and your words are the best. If it tortures you to write them I would be so sad to know that.

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      1. I’m learning to live with the pain too. Before I read your post I was thinking… In order to have the good things in life and appreciate them, we have to be willing to let them go… to appreciate them even after they are gone, for the joy they once gave us. I’m really struggling with that, and that struggle is where a lot of my writing comes from. From my own struggles and pain and others’ as well.
        When it comes to ideas, leave no stone unturned. When it comes to writing, don’t worry about the genre or the topic, just write from your heart – like you seem to do. No matter what you have to say, I will be listening πŸ™‚ β™‘

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          1. I did. Before looking at your response, I knew what it would be. If nothing else, I know how you will respond. This response seems a bit cheerier than your poem. I hope you are finding the joy again in writing. Even if it is just in response to my joking with you.

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            1. Yes. I am. When i put those thoughts down, I relive them. But I don’t know why I keep writing about them. It makes me sad and causes a lot of pain. Maybe I like to hurt myself. Maybe I feel I can fight the negativity and eliminate it. But I am too weak. But I can’t blame the written words for it, can I?

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              1. No, you can’t. They are only there to help get you through it. I want to cheer you, so I joke, but I do take your heartache seriously. I know it to well. I wish writing the words would make reality. I wish I could write my wants, desires, loves, and passions and that would be what I walk with every day. But it isn’t. I, also, write what I dream for and often that results in a puddle of tears because it is not the life I live.

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