Will You Be My Valentine?

Wishes are lost diamonds

Inside a treasure chest

Love is all I need now

Let them keep the rest

You are in my head now and I just cannot wait

Open up your arms now and hold me till it’s late

Under the starry night sky while the angels write our fate

Believe my words as I write down, in the golden sky

Each and every thought

Magic and love aren’t far away from here when

You are all I’ve got

Violins fill the air with music

As the leaves begin to sway

Little do they know that

Evening’s here to play

Need I ever ask you

To be my valentine?

I know the answer but I’d still go ahead and ask you

No need for you to say anything. Silence seems so fine

Each breath of yours is an answer. I know you are mine

42 thoughts on “Will You Be My Valentine?

          1. okay …I don’t know you are always shrouded in mystery …its like the confusion in that 80s teen movie’ secret admirer’ …sometimes you and your poems are one …sometimes you and your posts are different…

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    1. Like poeticasymptote, I too see that too! Thank you, Frank!

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