Where You Are

There are thorns in my way

It is raining on a sunny day

There are gravels in my shoe

But I’d still reach for you

The dark forests, I will cross through

The highest walls, I’d climb for you

No distance is too far

I will get to where you are

My soul is on your trail

My knees won’t let me fail

The distance doesn’t seem so long

My heart keeps running on

The winds are on my side

For you, I’d even turn the tide

No force can stop me now

I will get to you somehow

And when I finally reach the place

My heart will begin to race

Not from the roads that I’ve chased

But from the smile upon your face

And though I’d like to scream and shout

No words will ever come out

I’ll lose myself in your eyes

And everything will feel so nice

And I’ll hold you till it’s late

No other feeling that can relate

And our love will forever glow

For I will never let you go

47 thoughts on “Where You Are

  1. once a love so deep i felt very long time ago, how i wished til this day can finally show, but alas my heart comes fortified as i came alive just to be alone on that road again. Thanks for the reminder that all those who keeps loving never tire, and never quit loving their beloved.

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