The Giant Ant

I woke up with no memory

All alone in my bed

I stared at the mirror

A strange feeling in my head

An ant crawled up to me

I asked her, “Who I am?”

“I don’t know,” she said

“You must be The Giant Ant.”

She led me to her home

Too small for me to fit in

She gave me a potion

To help me slip in

I drank it all at once

It didn’t work at all

I remained a giant ant

My length didn’t fall

“‘Tis no use,” she said

“You just stand still

I’ll call my brothers out

Much against their will.”

And out they came in numbers

Hundreds and thousands of ants

Inside the pocket of my shirt

And all over my pant

An anteater looked at me

Like I’m a man with ants as wings

He scared the hell out of them

They left me with giant stings

And back they retreated

Into their tiny hole

Left me scratching my head

No answers in my soul

What if I wake up again

Tomorrow with no memory?

I’d be careful not to ask an ant again

Any questions about me

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