A Tired Night Of January

A tired night of January

For a humble actuary

Woke up early feeling blue

Couldn’t trace a missing shoe

He looked and looked and looked for it

But could not find the other fit

And then, when all was said and done

He rushed to work with the only one

But he couldn’t reach the place on time

And it felt like a heinous crime

For he had abuses blown at his ears

And his eyes were filled with baby tears

‘You have to be on time next morning’

He went to work with that warning

And calculated what will accrue

What was left, and what was due

But he couldn’t quite concentrate

So the work was left to its fate

Rushed back to his tender house

Was greeted by a radioactive mouse

The giant mouse dug too deep

To find a place where it could sleep

Now to find a way to rid the rodent

But his thoughts were elsewhere spent

And it is a tragedy mixed with sorrow

He was going to be late to work tomorrow

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