I Am Unreal

I am unreal and I don’t feel that I will ever heal

Guide me through the night

Without an unpleasant thought

Even if it may mean

That my heart be forever lost

Let me rest my head

Upon your tender lap

And forget all my pain

That comes with this trap

I lay in the arms of fire

And you are pouring oil

My ashes will be lost in the wind

Or mixed with soil

I am trembling in the cold

You take away my light

I feel so fragile all alone

My bones ache at night

And I know the truth is a lie

And all that is good is bad

All that is right is wrong

And all the happiness is sad

It barely matters now

How this will turn out to be

I am in the dark

No light to set me free

I am unreal and I don’t feel that I will ever heal

44 thoughts on “I Am Unreal

  1. …or mixed with soil…

    I can’t even handle reading anymore of your poetry this morning. Every word is touching my heart and coming out in a tear, but I have to hold it together to get through this other day. Many other days.

    Thanks, Frank, for pouring yourself out for others to drink. You’ve inspired me (again).

    Liked by 1 person

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