The Sky Is Where She Belongs

In a little cage, I kept a tiny bird

Sang the sweetest songs that I have ever heard

Born with red feathers and a golden beak

A perfect companion I never had to seek

I fed and looked after her day and night

But she always yearned the freedom of the flight

And though it hurt to see her in such a pain

I knew she was safer here than back out again

So I tried my best to make her feel at home

But her heart was in the skies and always felt alone

So one day I opened the door of her cage a little bit

To see if she loved the cage or wanted to get out of it

She flew away in an instant without a passing glance

I wondered if she was always waiting for a chance

And I saw her fly in little circles to express her joy

Reminded of the time when I was a little boy

Now she’s on her own and not within my sight

I don’t know if hunger can be cured by the freedom of the flight

For I know she isn’t brave enough to stay up in a fight

I don’t know if she’ll ever find a shelter to sleep at night

It has been almost a year now since I last heard her voice

It may have been difficult but I think she made the right choice

The journey will be difficult but she will come out strong

The cage was her prison. The sky is where she belongs

65 thoughts on “The Sky Is Where She Belongs

          1. True. I write poems for my love too… but on the same hand that doesn’t mean that if he comes back I may accept him or love him the same way.
            Just wanted to know how you feel now? You want her back ? Will you be able to love her the same way you use to ?

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  1. I love this one, it’s heartbreaking and says a lot about loving something enough to let it go. Personally, if I was the bird, I would have turned around and came right back.

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