Love Is A Scar

Tweet, tweet

The blue bird sings

Her voice echoes in my head

Sweet, sweet

The melody brings

All the thoughts that are left unsaid

Wave, wave

Her feathers wave

And I can not avoid her call

Save, save

My heart does crave

A tumble and a fall

Bright moonlight

Upon my face

Only for a little while

The light of night

Leaves no trace

Except for a fading smile

32 thoughts on “Love Is A Scar

  1. Hello Frank. I just wanted to tell you that I love your poetry because I know exactly what you are going through, too. Everyone seems to know, too, and they really like you and, maybe, really, really love you, too.

    I know you are in pain and I feel your pain, too.

    I just wanted to let you that when you say “Love Is A Scar”, I feel for you.

    However, I just wanted to say that, to me and for me, love can never be scar. Never. The scar you feel, in my opinion, is the unrequited, unfulled result of not being loved. Yes, that is, to me, is what you feel. But real love, when it is offered in a real way and when it is received in a real way was could never, ever be a scar. Real love has no hurt, in and of itself, at all. Only not having love in this world or only if it is not real love but only the illusion of love could it ever hurt us, but it is not love that is doing that, it is the situation you are going through. Real love could never hurt you. It’s not even part of the meaning of it.

    It’s always people that hurt us because they really didn’t love us for who we are or they really couldn’t love us. They didn’t and don’t have that in them. That’s OK because that is just a reality. When people do not love us back or cannot love us back but we love them, yes it hurts. But that hurt is only our frustration, not the result of love. Love is the only force in life that really has nothing bad or evil about it. Again, I am talking about love in the absolute sense and meaning of the word, in the absolute sense and meaning of love. And that meaning is always, always, selfless and unconditional much the same as the love of a mother for her child, or the love of a family for each other. You love, no matter what, the person you love, unconditionally, even their imperfections, their flaws, their inabilities, whatever it is, you love them because you that is how you really feel about them. Sure, the situation of being in love can cause a lot pain. We all want to do better but sometimes are actions hurt other people, some times those actions to hurt are intention, but love in and of itself is not the cause. Love for people or for another is just love. We all want to love, by its true nature must be unconditional because it is unconditional in reality.

    However, I really, really do understand that it hurts many, many times because of conditions in life but it is not because of love. It hurts because we do not always receive it back from the other person in the way we want it but it is not because of love. Love does no harm, at all. It can only give and, if it is received, it can only be given in return, unconditionally, it is true. We, as human beings, get in the way, most and, sometimes, all of the time and then, we blame it on love.

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    1. Thank you for your words. You sound so right. And yet it becomes so difficult to believe in it for we tend to think that all of this hurt could have been avoided if love didn’t exist, if we didn’t have a heart that beats for others. And therefore, love gets the blame on quite a few occasions. But you are absolutely right when you say that love has nothing evil about it. It is the non-reciprocation that hurts. If true love did reciprocate to the sender, the world would have been a better place to live in. But it is not the case, and maybe it is not possible either. But there is hope. And forever there will be. For if we don’t believe in love and hope, there is nothing much left believing in. I am glad to hear your thoughts on this. Nice to meet you. Have a nice day

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      1. Hi Frank, thanks for your kind reply.

        To live and have never loved at all is one reason we are here, to give more love in any way we can even if it is not reciprocated as we would like.

        Not everyone will love us as you know.

        But I would rather live in a world where people are trying than not. Many are. Sometimes, though, it seems as if the vast majority are not really trying enough, for if they did, for sure, the world would be different.

        Love is the answer, the only answer. It is an old tired clichΓ© but it is true.

        It is the only way, really. Nothing less will do because, otherwise the world will continue as it is into eternity or devolve into eternity and will remain so unless, unless there is a major, major SHIFT in consciousness.

        We are now at the most, most critical time in history for the planet and we all see what is going on. We all know what will happen if things remain the same, if we continue, if we continue BUSINESS AS USUAL.

        This has never happened in the entire history of the planet. It’s that bad.

        I have hope and I will have hope to the sweet or bitter end. But, I almost feel, I almost am certain, that humanity, as it currently is and has been for all of its pitiful history and throughout its history, is hopeless.

        Humanity, deep down inside is an unhappy group, mostly. If you look back in history, only the outer form of experience has changed. Yes, some of it for the better. But the real, true foundation of this world has never changed. It was, it has been and it is really, really this.

        It’s ALL about greed, it’s about materialistic and emotional, spiritual power, lust in all its forms and, unfortunately, hate at all of its levels in one way or another. We are all guilty, we all participate whether we want to or not in the chess game of life.

        Love exists, surely. But, it is not deep enough or as deep as it should be and it not widespread enough as it should be.

        We are all guilty because we all participate in this world as it is. Whether directly or indirectly, silently or out loud, we all support it through our inaction or our actions, our thoughts, emotions and mentalality and have done this throughout the past until the very, very present moment. Will it still go on like this forever?

        It’s always been the same thing, different story or same story but deeply, deeply, fundamentally, the same thing, the same story over and over and over again. It never changes. It has never really change and it may never reallly or significantly change.

        It was said that there is nothing new under the sun. It’s true!

        However, I disagree that the statement is a statement of permanence, never to change.

        We have to create something totally NEW under the sun.

        We are at the time that we HAVE TO HAVE something new, something never before seen and, perhaps, never before done.

        We HAVE TO!

        It is imperative.

        Where are our so-called LEADERS.

        They are so busy doing busy work they don’t see, they don’t think and for sure they tell will us anything so we remain calm. They will keep everything secret. The world is run on secrecy. Secrecy from the people of the world is the business of this world.

        We all live in a parallel universe separate from who is actually running the game. And they are running it, that’s for sure.

        Incredible, because it is supposed to be one world, one people, everyone together helping everyone else to survive. Right?

        Well, we have to have something totally new.

        We have to have something totally different, totally, totally, NEW, UNDER THE SUN! The time is now.

        Only the very, very, very, very few have tried to do anything real for this world and, mostly, they were, have been and are usually abhorred. The powers of this world abhor the truth about themselves more than most. The good, beneficent people who spoke out and speak out were, have been and are a mirror for what should be a better world. The world does not have to be the way it is. Nothing is impossible to do , we are told. So, if that’s true why do we this world?

        The vast majority of the truly good and beneficent people who tried, have tried and are trying to do to help this world, presently, are considered idiots or fools. It’s always been that way! Why? Because, why be good when you can be absolutely evil and win the game of life and take everything for you, your friends and your family. Why should we care about others? After all, no one can prove that heaven or hell exists so evil deeds will never be punished and if they are, the powerful have friends in high places. They always do. Evil people always appear in sheep’s clothing. Some of them are even Sunday school teachers. Why?

        Why do things have to REALLY change?

        Most do not, have not, will not and refuse to really, substantially change. Even if is only for themselves, people do not change, but the world as a whole now has to change. It really does because we are on the edge of a great abyss and about to fall.

        It was, it has been, it will always be, maybe, BUSINESS AS USUAL.

        It has always been the same world.


        I sincerely hope not, but I have to think seriously and realistically that this planet is probably on the same treadmill and can’t get off.

        Again, only the outer changes here on this planet but the inner world in which we live, which influences the outer, has, basically, never changed for the vast, vast majority throughout time, throughout space, here, on this planet.

        We, as a humanity, are still, in the same consciousness as a two year old child.


        A two year old child can be extremely sweet, extremely cute and loveable. BUT, at the same time, that adorable little creature, can and do extreme damage not only to themselves sometimes, but to others and to their environment as well, if allowed.

        The two year old adult mentality of this world has been allowed and exists in this world by the consent, permission and fear of all of us. We all are at a two year old mentality. That is the reality of this world, in my view.

        It has remained that way and will remain, mostly, always and forever, because inwardly nothing has changed.

        Who cares, right?

        We cannot afford any longer, in this present world, not to care because if we don’t change we are on the path to doomsday, in one way or another.

        We have to change ourselves, First, individually and voluntarily, and try to help others do that , voluntarily, of their own free will without any pressure to change from anyone or anything.

        If changes does not come within each and every one of us, voluntarily under free will and without any pressure or influence from anyone or anything, then it will never last and it will never remain.

        People will always do what they want, unless, unless they have a conscience and are conscious of somthing better, something more, somthing greater than their own little selves.

        It’s up to every single one of us.

        If many really change, the world can change. Just remember the results of the scientific study called the 100th monkey.


        Real change in consciousness is possible!

        That’s all we can do.

        Imagine what it was like before we were two years old in consciousness!

        I don’t want to even think about it.

        That’s why this time in our history, our world history it is ABSOLUTELY critical.

        We are, literally and really, killing and poisoning ourselves to death!

        We can SERIOUSLY damage the physical and natural environment.

        What humanity is now capable of being is being the worst monster ever seen on the face of this planet called Earth.

        Everyone now will go down and we will all go down if humanity DOES NOT CHANGE. It’s that serious because the monster is here and the monster is beginning to strike. The world is breaking down and so is nature. Observe your and see the real chaos going on. The world, the countries do not have a vision of where we, as a planet, are going. Has anyone seen, heard or read the world’s mission statement, lately? Has anyone signed it personally?

        No, the people of this world are never asked to do anything. Only the power do things. Sure they are elected but the powers are for themselves and their friends. The people are getting the crumbs which fall of the table.

        Don’t believe it?
        Do your own research and I mean years of research, observation,thinking,contemplating and pondering. I think you get, mostly the same answer, the same conclusion.

        “But no one seems to notice, no one seems to care.”

        George Carlin said that.

        He was right, no one notices, no one seems to care.

        Again, I do have hope but it is a fine, fine thread of it now.

        We are on the brink of something and it doesn’t look pretty, at all.

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  2. Friend, its beautiful, but there is pain still underlying, and I do not want you to be in pain. Keep on praying friend. One day I’m assured of and I am assuring you that all of these will fade away and Pain will loose its power to hurt you anymore, in Jesus Name Amen. Hallelujah Praise the Lord.

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