May God Be With You – 6

Now, my soul I left with you
To make all the things you want come true
Our good ol’ days may be over
But we ought to create some new

A thousand miles away from home
Not for a moment I felt alone
You were always on my mind
While I was caught up in a storm

Now, my skin is getting older
And my bones are getting colder
It gets worse here every night
Will you lend me a shoulder?

Tell all our friends that I said hi
There’s still time for my goodbye
I may never ever be back
That doesn’t mean you have to cry

This letter I wrote for you
And this song I’ll sing for you
Always keep me in your heart
And may God be with you too

29 thoughts on “May God Be With You – 6

  1. Just hits the spot. Where it hurts or is most tender? Its a passing that can not be rewound or turned back.
    Sometimes theres just no way to go back. But its so very nice to know I´m not alone in this! Thank you for that.

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  2. Touched !
    We do not leave organizations or institutions, we leave individuals.
    The same way we write poems not for the stranger who does not know us
    But a potential friend or real one who does not seem to understand.
    I hope this poem reached the heart of the one for whom it was written and your shoulder reached you too……..
    Thank you ….

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  3. Before I finished it I was practically singing- this would make a great song if you were kind enough to let me arrange it for you, if you hadn’t already yourself.

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