Let Me Read You The Morning News

So happy, so happy, so happy was I
The flowers bloomed while the birds flew in the sky
And everything seemed to be in its place
Wide smile on every child’s face
And they sang and danced in a tune
Like they always do when it’s June
To let the folks jump and croon
It seemed the rains had come a tad too soon

When was the last time? I can’t remember
Maybe back in January or late December
That everybody was feeling so high
And not a single face with a sigh
No poet, I think, could ever write
And describe such a beautiful sight
Even if one were to stay up all night
And try and try with all its might

Why would anyone step out of bed
And not stare out of the window instead
And dream and dream and dream away
On such a lovely summer’s day?
But as happy, as happy, as happy as I could be
And with a cup of coffee next to me
I picked up the morning news to see
Just what it had in store for me

And I read and read about the world
A war was declared and bombs were hurled
Thousands of lives had been washed away
But the print read like any other day
I wondered, I wondered and began to think
The world, it seemed was on the brink
And I dared not to take another blink
For my heart had just begun to sink

And I turned a page just to find
A thousand other things that disturbed my mind
Children playing with real guns
And others dying of starvation
Rich folks flaunting their polished cars
And drinking champagne in fancy bars
And what good is life and water on Mars
When they never found a cure for scars?

Fans killing each other over a game
A sweet angel born without a name
A man killing his friend in a brawl
Economy and currency in free fall
Does not the editor owe me an apology
For ruining my day so cruelly?
Or is there something wrong with me?
Or is it just the way I see?

I guess we all look differently at things
Truth enlightens some; some it stings
When peace and quiet is there to choose
We decide to pick the morning news
Maybe I could not open my eyes to see
The truth, the facts and reality
Someday it will set me free
Till then I’ll wait for the answer and let it be

48 thoughts on “Let Me Read You The Morning News

  1. My goodness, this resonates with me so much. You put into words exactly how I too feel when I read the news. I find comfort in the fact that someone else does see and feel the wicked in this world as I do. Keep your head up, and keep spreading your beautiful words, the world needs more beauty in it 🙂

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  2. I think it does take us quite a while to realize that “being informed” is code for “make you unhappy and more prone to fall for marketing and keeping in line”. I still fight with feeling uninformed at times but it’s never happy news events that I’m uninformed about, it’s always a natural disaster, a drone strike, the US contemplating their next country to attack, etc. If people could figure out how to get on with their lives and remain fairly upbeat during actual World Wars then I should consider it my duty to my fellow humans to be upbeat and spread that upbeatness around during relative peacetime. Keep up the great writing Frank!

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  3. Fun.
    I like the way you take a serious subject, and make it light and palatable with your rhythm and rhyme.
    There really are very good reasons, I think for limiting one’s consumption of the news. Reality is like the story of the blind men and the elephant. It seems like a completely different animal, depending on where you stand, how you choose to orient yourself, and what you consequently have at your fingertips to feel.

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  4. I haven’t read a newspaper in a long while, I avoid Facebook for the same reason. Too much negative input in there. Now I seek out news selectively to keep from being bogged down in it.

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  5. Frank,
    Your words are so picturesque. They paint the very moment one turns from “Yay! Another beautiful day… to being woke up to the reality that has become our world.” I hope your words continue to seek the hearts and minds of readers and help them be that ray of hope and sunshine that gives reason for children to smile.

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  6. If we decide to read another persons view edited to incite an emotional response, we have choices and here are a few:
    1) See it as it is [Someone else’s view of a situation and edited]
    2) Question the truths within the writing just in case we are being in taken
    3) Be kind to ourselves and decide only to read this type of newpaper when we are prepared and ready
    4) Use the information to be of kindness to others and ourselves via our abilities
    5) Wonder what the universe is telling us on a personal level via the writing
    6) See what we can glean from the writing to take any actions that are kind (again for others, but also unto ourselves)
    7) Put the paper down, go outside and look for nature to combat what had been written
    There must be other choices too, so has any beloveds out there reading this got any to share?

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  7. Frank,this is wonderful. I was in the flow of the beauty of life and felt like it clashed with the news of the world, which is exactly as it should feel. I guess my father-in-law is right: no one should read the news. Think how happy we could be…

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  8. I never watch the news anymore. Unfortunately negativity sells or so we have been brainwashed to believe..so the sadder, gorier, bloodier, the story the better…nope not for me. I love the way you started your day…don’t pick up that darn paper anymore! And yes the editor does owe you and the rest of us an apology! Wishing you a sunny June day!! 🙂

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  9. I can relate to this post! The world colors our view in so many ways. I have to be careful how much reality I let into my heart and mind because I can only take so much. I am sensitive to the world’s pain and feel that in order to help people I must keep some things from altering my current vision. May we all keep a bit of ourselves to stay sane in this crazy world!

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