17 thoughts on “Hello, I Am Volcano

  1. This cracks me up. Fair warning for sure. “Just letting you know.” Juicy ironic twist, to use that phrase that makes it seem like no big deal, but which so often is announcing a bomb about to be dropped, or that has just dropped.

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      1. To me, it’s pretty good. It reminds me of some things that come to me, that I originally think will be great as a short poem, but I realize there’s actually a lot more to it that needs to get expressed, so I write a longer poem, expressing it. Sometimes I post it, sometimes not.

        Sometimes I wish I’d have managed to keep it short.

        I get the feeling there might be more story behind this one. If you think so, too, you might play with it, and see what comes out.

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      1. Nice to have the “Head up people” but I would question the results if given the heads up.
        Surely those that give the heads up, are those that don’t want to kill. Bless ’em

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