Lucy, Lucy, Hear My Call

Lucy, Lucy, hear my call
Spiders’re crawling on the wall
Spirit watching with a smile
Will you stop running for a while?
Watch out for those evil eyes
And tummy full of butterflies
If you venture a little too far
Things may not seem as they are
Though it may seem all fun to you
You’ve got your mother feeling blue
When you go ahead and lock the door
Or have your books lying on the floor
Other girls call your name
But you don’t go out to play with them
You just sit here with your doll
Lucy, Lucy, hear my call

Lucy, Lucy, hear my call
Can you see a bed-bug crawl?
My warnings fall on deaf ears
My growing fears. Your mother’s tears
Let me read you a tale or two
And you dream about princes and unicorns too
Close your eyes and they’ll come true
And they’ll do what you want them to
Dear Lucy, can’t you see?
You’ve been misbehaving bitterly
Can’t you hear what I say?
Tell your demons to fly away
Can’t you see your mother weep?
Jump to bed and fall asleep
Let me break the neck of that doll
Lucy, Lucy, hear my call

23 thoughts on “Lucy, Lucy, Hear My Call

  1. Such an interesting tale put into rhyme. A young girl, who I believe has a negative impression of herself and is living a life that is self-destructive. Despite the mother’s tearful pleas and calls of friends to join them, she seems content to just stay where she is, even if it will destroy her. Then the good friend comes to implore to turn away from this life. The true friend is one who will stop at nothing to save the one who is in a dark place.

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  2. This is probably one of the best poem I’ve read in quite a while! I like the way you make the lines rhyme and bring the audience into the flow of the story you are telling. Amazing job.

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  3. This could be lyrics to a great melody, the rhymes are perfect and there’s hidden meaning in the words that could be interpreted whichever way the reader felt at that moment. I love the use of simple everyday words to convey such depth. Well done!

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  4. I enjoyed reading this a lot! I just started dabbling in writing somethings myself, and your words inspire me. I hope to one day be able to write to a length such as yours, as mine are still short. After reading your piece twice, I have my own interpretation of what your words could mean; being lured into potentially bad situations, and ever after strong advice to go the other way, still proceeding with the darker path. – now I could be totally off point, but I believe that’s the beauty with poetry, it can have a variety of meanings to different individuals. I am excited to read more πŸ™‚

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