52 thoughts on “Nightmares Never End

  1. There was a time I thought my nightmares wouldn’t end, from childhood to about my thirties, I quit listening to those dominant voices in my life, and started putting better people in my life. Now at sixty-four, I think that was the best thing I did in my life. Essentially, I left society to fend for itself, glad I did; no more nightmares.

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  2. Hey Frank!

    Nightmares plague me but they do not frighten me; perhaps I’m journeying through parts of myself previous unknown. That’s a nightly occurrence…. it’s all part of growing I suppose…

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          1. I’m not discounting your experiences but I tend to look at everything as a reason and purpose for why things happen in life, that why I can validate my growth, understanding, and gratitude. I write this in love not indifference. 😊

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