If I Were To Lose My Right Eye

I were to lose my right eye
Or the index finger on my left hand
Or the toes of my feet
Or a bullet should pass through my jaw
And render my mouth numb
Or I were to contract a deadly disease
Leaving me with little hopes for survival

Would you look into my left eye
Hold my hand
Walk with me
Talk to me
Love me
Just like you do now?

24 thoughts on “If I Were To Lose My Right Eye

  1. Of course! I would love you with or without your right eye or your index finger on your left hand or the toes of your feet – or the perfection of your jaw – or the sensitivity of your mouth – with or without a deadly disease – with or without a strong hope for survival – of course I would love you, Frank!! That’s what JanBeek is all about: unconditional love ❤

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  2. If you would lose parts of you
    still you would be perfect
    If you would be as fragile
    as a newborn robin in my hand
    Your heart and your soul
    are still as warm as the sun
    And I will love you as much
    as I love you then,
    and until we meet on the other side.

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  3. Very beautiful ✌️

    If someone is in love, they do. Should be mutual. Then that would be pretty incredible huh? Solid

    My mom and dad were like that. My dad was sick for a lot of years – my mom never once left his side!! Like glue, she was!! She nursed him.

    He survived and ya know went into remission and they had some years where they got to enjoy life together after all that.

    We didn’t know at the time, but my mom was getting Alzheimer’s – they hid it from everyone…

    I think what happened is she had always stood behind him and never left his side … so he did that for her, now he was gonna be at her side and take care of her (maybe afraid of what would happen if told anyone?)

    He cared for her and stood beside her when she needed it ❤️

    And when he died, we stepped up. Took his place.

    If you truly love someone …you absolutely do that!!! Is a beautiful thing.✌️

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